Gardening has been a part of my life since I was a young boy.  Forced to take trips to the nursery with my mom and grandma, I began to absorb information about plants and gardening with out even knowing it.  This informal education proved priceless as I moved forward towards my goal of higher education.

After graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies and Botany from Sonoma State University, I started my own landscape business. Since receiving my Contractor’s License in 2003, I have moved closer to my original dream of habitat restoration one garden at a time. Along with being a member of the California Landscape Contractor Association, my crew and I have all recently become Bay Friendly certified by the county of Marin. Over the past three years a number of my gardens have been featured in the Marin County Eco-Garden Tour. These gardens are featured as a guide and example of how a sustainably designed garden can be just as bountiful and beautiful as any water wasting garden, while providing benefits that conventional landscapes lack.

My expertise with California native plants, drought tolerant gardening, permaculture practices, rain catchment techniques, soil building and composting, sets me apart from the average landscaper.  Using these techniques many sterile suburban plots have been transformed into thriving habitats, supporting many species that maintain the health of their own ecosystems.  These sustainable gardens offer much more than beauty and a place to relax.  The beneficial insects and birds keep the vegetable plots pest free, properly placed trees reduce heating and cooling bills, and the permeable hardscapes and vegetation absorb water while filtering pollutants before they enter our creeks, streams, and bay. By using less fertilizer, water, and no pesticides these Organic gardens cost much less than conventional landscapes, while still providing the “curb appeal” that increases property values for the entire community.

Quinn’s California Landscapes has grown with its gardens. We offer garden consultation and coaching for the do it your-selfers.  Landscape architectural blueprints and three dimensional color photo designs from state of the art computer software, are available to those who are in the planning stages.  Organic maintenance of residential and commercial properties, as well as the installation of plants, irrigation systems, rain catchment systems, many types of hardscapes, and irrigation auditing are all services we provide.